Have you recently noticed a puddle forming underneath your vehicle? While this may be the sign of a major issue, that is not always the case. Before you decide what to do, the team at Acura of Laurel can help you figure out what exactly is leaking.

Antifreeze is a common vehicle leak. It is bright in color, with green and orange being popular variations. If it is a large puddle, check the antifreeze level in your vehicle to determine if a trip to an auto shop is in order.

Battery acid is another common source of puddles under vehicles. This is a highly caustic substance, so be sure not to touch it. It often has a rotten egg odor, which is a dead giveaway. If your battery is leaking acid, it has been damaged and needs to be replaced. Sometimes, the liquid is simply water. This happens because condensation can build on your cooling system and is not a big deal.


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