The Exhaust System

An exhaust system serves multiple roles for a vehicle. Most importantly, the exhaust system guides toxic exhaust gases away from the vehicle’s engine after they have been produced. An exhaust system also helps a vehicle to maintain proper air pressure in its engine. An exhaust system is comprised of numerous pipes that are designed to produce optimal performance.



Headers are the first set of piping that leaves an engine. Headers are directly connected to the exhaust manifold of an engine, which sits above the engine’s cylinder heads.


Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter is the most important part of an exhaust system when it comes to controlling gas emissions from the engine. Catalytic converters create a reaction within their units that converts the toxic chemical compounds that are emitted after an engine’s combustion cycle.



The muffler of an exhaust system reduces the emission of toxic chemicals and the amount of sound that the exhaust system produces.



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