Over the life of your vehicle, there are many parts that require attention and replacement. Typically, your owner's manual contains a suggested factory recommended maintenance schedule. According to most schedules, windshield wiper blade replacement is advisable at least once or twice annually. The seasoned techs in our Acura of Laurel service department agree. Here's why.

The very nature of how wiper blades work subjects them to nonstop friction that wears them down eventually. The combination of friction with high/low temperatures, moisture, UV rays, airborne debris and synthetic chemicals turns wiper blades brittle and hard. Brittle, hard, eroded wiper blades are prone to breakage or malfunctioning, such as improper squeegeeing of your windshield. Since blades with poor structural integrity can't squeegee your windshield thoroughly, they smudge and streak your windshield, diminishing visibility to an unsafe degree. Eroded blades may also squeak or chatter when in motion.

Call our Laurel, MD dealership today for an appointment in our service department. We'll have your windshield wiper blades replaced in record time.


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