Flat tires happen. Objects on the road can puncture a tire, so be prepared. Having a spare tire in the trunk provides a way to get back on the road. Be aware that a temporary tire is much different from a full-size spare tire, though.

Called a "donut," a smaller temporary tire is only intended to help the driver cover short distances and relatively slow speeds. People use the tire to get to a shop where they can purchase a replacement tire. Driving around on a donut is neither safe nor wise, as they can suffer a blowout at high speeds or even extended use.

A full-size matching tire would be the same as the other four on the car. Essentially, with this tire, you already have a replacement available. Some opt for a non-matching full-size spare, which helps those not wanting to go directly to a tire shop. Long-term driving on a non-matching tire isn't always advisable.

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